How to order concrete in Sydney

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Step One: Phone us on (02) 8074 4837

Or simply email us for the best price on concrete near you at

Step Two: Site Access

Give clear directions to us about your job site. Let us know about the access for trucks and whether or not a concrete pump is required, or if you are simply going to wheel barrow the concrete in. Is it on a main road? In a back yard? The access is important. Is it narrow? Can only a small truck fit?

Step Three: The concrete pour

Let us know how many people are going to be present at your concrete pour. This is going to determine the length of time between trucks, the size of your concrete loads, and whether any additives may need to be added to your concrete mix, to either delay or reduce the set time of the concrete.

Step Four: The concrete mix

Depending on the purpose and end use of your concrete, the mix design may need to change to vary the concrete strength accordingly. 20 MPA concrete is traditionally utilised in Australia for footpaths, house slabs and outdoor living areas. Car ports, driveways and areas where traffic is needed are usually poured with 25 MPA concrete, as they need to carry more weight than foot transport. Shed slabs where heavy machinery including tractors are kept, are more often than not poured with 32 MPA or even 40 MPA concrete.  And remember to let our batcher’s know if a line or boom concrete pump is required, this may vary your concrete mix as well.

Remember to let our assistant know if you require any colour in your concrete, or if an exposed aggregate mix is required. A concrete colour brochure is available on request.

Step Five: The concrete quantity

Measure the perimeter of your concrete slab in square metres, and then ascertain the depth I.e., 100 mm or 200 mm. Whilst most concrete slabs are 100 mm or 4 inches in depth the uneven nature of your subsurface can tend to mean slightly more concrete is required on the day of your concrete pour. Therefore it is important to allow an extra 10% on the upside of your concrete quantity calculation. In other words if you think you need 10 cubic metres, order 11. Small concrete loads, e.g., 1 cubic metre, can be very expensive, whilst the batcher may not even able to promise you there is a truck in the yard waiting. If the last truck is late your concrete may risk suffering a cold joint, wherein the surface is cracked and damaged. So remember not too under order.

Visit our Concrete Calculator page for more information

Step Five: Payment

Now your mix design and quantity have been ascertained its all about payment. At we offer great rates on concrete as well as an excellent service. Simply supply a credit card number to us and we shall keep it on file for the day of the pour. Waiting time fees may be charged to your credit card so be sure to ask our assistant how long you have on site before waiting time fees apply (e.g 45 minutes or one hour). In addition to waiting time fees for concrete returned to the plant may apply in situations where return concrete needs to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Once your transaction is completed our administration manager can destroy your credit card number with us and forward you a receipt to the email or address of your choice. Alternatively you may choose to EFT the funds prior to the day your pour.

You’re now all set for the day of your concrete pour with

Simply hose down your sub base just before the trucks arrive, put on the sunscreen and wait. And if it is windy, sunny or hot ask the batcher for some protection for your concrete slab as well. Aliphatic alcohol is the ideal sunscreen for your slab to avoid cracking and surface damage during summer.